Enhancing Safety in Textile Businesses with Electric Tugs

The efficient movement of machinery and equipment is paramount for UK textile businesses. But one of the most popular solutions to combating this challenge is utilising manual handling equipment. This includes electric tugs or battery-powered pushers. 


The indispensable machines are valuable for textile coating businesses. Where machinery movement, equipment maintenance and simple routine tasks involving large heavy loads are commonplace. 


Streamlining Workload with Electric Tugs


At Tractive Power, our foremost goal is the safety and well-being of our customers and their dedicated workforce. This commitment drives us to provide the highest quality electric tugs. In textile businesses, fabric coating machinery can create potentially significant safety risks. 


To ensure a safe working environment, consider the following essential safety tips when using an electric tug:


Anchoring the Unit: Always ensure that the machinery or equipment is securely anchored to the floor before moving. This prevents any unexpected movements that could lead to accidents. Plus, this ensures that when you intend to move a large item you can securely attach your electric tug, until you are ready to move the item. 


Regular Brake System Checks: Conduct routine inspections of the brake systems on your electric tug to guarantee optimal functionality. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents caused by brake failures. But at Tractive Power, we also offer our servicing options, where our team or technicians can visit your site and service your tugs on a regular basis. 


Training: When any business decides to utilise Tractive Power’s electric tugs in their business, we always recommend a training course for your employees. This provides workers with a comprehensive training session so that they are able to properly and safely operate electric tugs. 


Optimising Electric Tug Usage in Textiles


Tractive Power offers a diverse range of electric tug products tailored to meet the specific needs of the textile industry. These include:


TP250 Tractive Pusher: Ideal for effortlessly moving A-frame trolleys laden with rolls of fabric, this electric tug ensures the safe transportation of heavy loads.


Tractive Tug TT50: With its robust design, this model is perfect for handling lighter loads in confined or restricted areas, boasting a maximum load capacity of 1000kg.


Tractive Tug TT100: Similar to the TT50, this battery-powered tug can carry loads of up to 2000 kg, making it a reliable workhorse for heavy-duty tasks.


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