Enhancing Workplace Efficiency: Pushing vs. Pulling Heavy Loads with Electric Tugs 

In today’s fast-paced work environment, the ability to efficiently move heavy loads is essential for remaining high levels of productivity and as well as ensuring a safe working environment. 

Electric and battery-powered tugs have revolutionised manual handling. Offering a cost-effective and versatile solution for transporting heavy items. Whether these loads are on rails or on castors. 

When it comes to utilising electric tugs, understanding the difference between pushing and pulling loads is crucial for optimising efficiency and reducing workplace injuries. 


Pushing vs. Pulling: The Fundamental Difference


Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both pushing and pulling loads. It is essential to understand the difference between the two methods. 

Pushing refers to the action of exerting force on the front of an object. Moving to weight towards the item and propelling it forward. On the other hand, pulling involves exerting force from the rear end. Moving your weight away from the item, causes the object to move backwards. Each method has its own set of benefits and considerations, depending on the specific application. Each also has its place in various industries and workplace settings. 


Pushing Heavy Loads


Pushing heavy loads with a battery-powered tug offers several advantages. Firstly, pushing provides better visibility. As the operator can observe the movement and direction that the load is travelling in. But also, there is better visibility of the surroundings, which can be beneficial when moving loads in busy environments and through tight spaces. 

Additionally, pushing allows for more precise control over the load, making it easier to manoeuvre and position accurately. This level of control can be vital when transporting fragile or sensitive items that require delicate handling. For example, glass items or expensive machinery. 


Pulling Heavy Loads


Pulling loads with an electric tug is preferable in certain scenarios, particularly when moving larger or bulkier items. By pulling an item, there is greater stability, and it reduces the risk of the load tipping over. This method is especially useful when transporting long or awkward objects, such as carts or trailers. Pulling heavy loads with an electric tug reduces the strain on the operator’s body. This in turn reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.


Electric Tug Options for Heavy Load Transport


To ensure maximum efficiency when moving heavy loads, it’s important to choose the correct electric tug for the job and specific requirements. We offer a wide range of innovative electric tugs. Each has been designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. 



A powerful and compact electric tug. Used in rail applications this Tractive unit will move 50,000kg and move 12,500kg on trolleys. Equipped with advanced features such as intelligent weight transfer and smooth acceleration control. 



The TP3000 is ideal for heavy industrial applications. The TP3000 has an optional steered tiller handle which gives power steering and allows even more manoeuvrability and easier use for the operator. These battery-powered are still compact in comparison to other equipment on the market moving similar loads.



Our TP500HD Tractive pusher is pedestrian-operated and battery-powered, designed to push and pull train wheelsets and bogeys. Used in rail applications this Tractive unit will move up to 50,000kg.



The TP2500 is a robust electric tug. Used in rail applications this Tractive unit will move 25,000kg and move 5000kg on trolleys. Its ergonomic design and precision steering system make it an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications, including aerospace, automotive, and logistics industries.


Why choose Tractive Power? 


  • Extensive of electric tugs and trolleys 
  • Innovative technology 
  • Optimised efficiency and productivity
  • Durability and reliability 
  • Versatile use for industries and work environments 
  • Bespoke options 
  • Maintenance and service plans 
  • Training options 
  • Customer support 


Electric Tugs from Tractive Power 


When it comes to moving heavy loads in the workplace, the choice between pushing and pulling can significantly impact efficiency and safety. Our electric, battery-powered tugs offer a versatile solution. The advanced features of our tugs, our durability, and our customisation options, make them the ideal choice for all industries, and workplace environments. By investing in Tractive Power’s electric tugs, businesses can enhance workplace efficiency. As well as reduce the risk of injuries, and streamline their material handling processes.


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