Essential Maintenance of Power Tuggers

Keeping power tuggers moving is the best way to maintain efficient working practices for your business.
Tractive Power offers maintenance and service for electric tuggers, plus we are going to share some essential tips to keep your machines running well.

How Do I Charge Batteries for Power Tuggers?

Here are four tips to charge your battery-powered tug –

• Switch off your tug unit by means of the switch or the contact lock
• Plug the charger connector into your tugs charger connection
• Connect the charger to mains
• The charger now loads the batteries, with a light based on the front of the charger first burning red, orange and finally green

It is best to charge your batteries in the evening or during the night; with a regular charging time of five hours. We would advise not interrupting the charging procedure as this will affect the batteries’ lifetime.

All types of chargers have a green LED or light which indicates that charging has completed, and the battery is full.
Chargers heat up to about 45°C during charging but they cannot explode. In case of overheating or other issues, a safety fuse will switch off the charger.

How Long Do Batteries Last?

Typically electric tug batteries have a lifetime of between 18 and 36 months, but this can depend on the way they have been charged and how frequently they are used.
If you only use your electric tugger every so often it will gradually empty, sometimes by 1% per day. If batteries are charged for less than 80%, this will affect their lifetime. We would recommend you should charge your batteries once a month, even if they are not used often.

Got More Questions? Contact Us Now

If you have any questions about the maintenance of electric tuggers, please get in touch today.
We also offer a scheduled maintenance program that will give your battery-powered tugs maximum uptime through preventative maintenance.