Explaining Additional Couplings for Tractive Units

Tractive Units from Tractive Power provide the power to move loads but they need to be attached by a coupling interface to get your product from one place to another.

Pushing and pulling in a straight line uses a fixed coupling system which is secured to the front of the unit.

For our latest update, we are going to explain how different couplings work for our range of electric tugs.

Steering Tractive Tugs

The steering for tractive tugs requires our 5th wheel arm management which allows the unit to steer 90 degrees to the left or right.

Pivoting 360 degrees through the differential gearbox makes our pushers extremely manoeuvrable and allows you to negotiate the most difficult routes.

Five Couplings to Choose From

Tractive Power manufactures a number of standard couplings, however, if you need something specific we can design couplings for your particular requirements.

Here are five different couplings you can use on our particular brand of tugs –

Adjustable Height Pushpad – Generally used for pushing loads in a straight line. Train bogies and railed trolleys commonly use this coupling.
Roll Cage Coupling – Used for pushing nested roll cages. The TP250 using this coupling has the capability to move up to 250 cages.
Fifth Wheel Channel Coupling – Wheeled and Semi-Wheeled loads can be moved, lifting one end of the trolley and steer the load on its rear wheels. The fifth wheel channel coupling is used on A-frames, food processing machinery plus stillages.
Fifth Wheel Quick Latch – This is our standard male-female configuration. The female quick latch will fix to your wheeled loads and standardises the connection point for all of your wheeled loads.
Paper Roll Coupling – Paper roll couplings are used to move paper rolls and cable drums. This can also be used for pushing the drum or roll on its circumference.

Tractive Units Available Now From Tractive Power

If you would like to know more about Tractive Units and their additional couplings, please contact us today.