How Do Electric Tuggers Work?

How do electric tuggers work?

This is one of the questions we get asked regularly here at Tractive Power.

How can such a small machine like electric tuggers be capable of moving such large loads?

For our latest blog, we are going to explain this process in four easy-to-follow sections.

Electric Tuggers Explained

All tugs from Tractive Power are electric with the battery and motor providing all the power. This means there are no fumes plus they can be pedestrian operated. You simply walk along with the machine as you use it, relying on the connection of 2 couplings. The male coupling is based on the machine, whereas the female is on the load. Our battery-powered tugs all come equipped with braking mechanisms which keep your load safe plus a pivoting mast to steer your load.

Managing Your Loads Effectively

For an electric tug to work the load needs to have wheels or be sat on a trolley with wheels (sometimes referred to as a bogie pusher). This is similar to a forklift truck needing a load on a pallet so it can be moved. Unlike forklifts, electric tuggers can work with loads on rails plus other floor types. The ideal solution is for the load’s wheels have 2 fixed and 2 swivelling. Your load will also need to have somewhere where a female coupling can be attached.

How to Use Electric Tuggers

Drive your machine towards the load ensuring the two couplings are in line. Now, raise the mast at the touch of a button which connects the male with the female. Continue to raise the mast until weight transfer has provided enough traction to move your load.
Gently press the throttle to move the machine and load forwards and backwards. When your load has reached its destination, simply lower the mast which separates the two couplings. Use the throttle to move away from the load.

If your load does not move, attempt to raise the mast further. You may be required to apply more downforce to move the load. Also, consider using the speed switch to improve the control you have over the load.

The Science Behind Battery-Powered Tugs

Two couplings are required to create a fixed connection between the tug unit and load. The tug uses the weight of your load to apply downward force on its own drive wheel. This delivers all the traction needed to move your load.

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