How to Improve Hospital Efficiency with Electric Tugs

Modern hospital and healthcare facilities consistently strive to enhance their efficiency to provide better patient care and streamline operations. Tractive Power is a firm believer in leveraging the latest technology and collaborative efforts to create the best manual handling solutions. We understand the diverse needs of modern healthcare facilities. 


Efficiency in hospitals encompasses various aspects, including financial management, patient treatment, administrative processes, logistics, hygiene, staff capabilities, and technological advancements. With the increased strain on healthcare staff, the need for a streamlined system to transport essentials like bedding and medication across hospital sites has never been more critical.


Heavy-wheeled loads


Roll cages, linen carts, vital medical equipment, and catering trolleys, have always been a pressing concern. This constant manual labour not only takes a toll on healthcare staff but also increases the potential for accidents.


The weight of these loads, combined with the congested corridors often encountered in healthcare facilities, poses a considerable safety risk. However, there is a solution that can greatly enhance the safety and efficiency of these operations.


Electric tugs, serving as a single-operator solution, offer a safer and more convenient approach to handling heavy loads in healthcare settings. With the controlled movement they provide, healthcare managers can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and improve overall productivity.


Increased Manoeuvrability with Tractive Pushers


The Tractive Pusher TP250 is a compact and highly versatile solution that is frequently employed in hospital settings. Crafted from stainless steel, it is not only suitable for hospitals but is also popular in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where hygiene is paramount.

Equipped with a moving tiller handle, the TP250 offers greater manoeuvrability, allowing it to navigate tight turning circles with ease. This battery-powered tug is known for its versatility, robust build, and compact design, making it adaptable to a wide range of wheeled handling applications.


The TP250’s capabilities extend to moving various wheeled and semi-wheeled loads. Including stillages, trolleys, baggage trolleys, roll cages, and any other equipment that relies on wheels.


Efficiency is the cornerstone of effective healthcare


Our compact and user-friendly electric tugs empower operators to navigate smoothly through healthcare environments. With maximum control and secure handling. These solutions are ideal for working in confined spaces and on slopes. The use of electric tugs not only minimises safety concerns but also streamlines the workflow, enabling healthcare facilities to operate more efficiently.


The use of innovative tools like Tractive Power’s battery-powered pushers can significantly contribute to achieving this goal. Hospitals can benefit from improved logistics, enhanced mobility, and streamlined operations by incorporating these modern solutions into their daily routines. By partnering with Tractive Power, hospitals can not only meet the demands of the present but also prepare for the challenges of the future, all while delivering exceptional care to their patients.


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Electric tugs can improve efficiency in a range of healthcare environments. Not only by reducing the risk of injury but also by streamlining operations and enhancing workplace safety.


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