Improving Workplace Safety with Drum Pushers

Tractive Power has worked with a number of clients who were looking to improve their workplace safety and factory productivity using drum pushers.

If your business has recently expanded it is a perfect time to review your workplace safety and efficiency, especially when it comes to moving cable drums.

For the production of wire and cables, large cable drums need to be moved through the production lines. We often get calls from manufacturers who are looking to reduce manual handling whilst pushing cable drums in a safe and easy manner.

In order to push heavy cable reels, a high starting torque is needed to overcome rolling resistance.

Cable Drum Trolleys Explained

Tractive Power’s cable drum trolleys are designed to lift and transport cable drums and make handling reels of cable a one-man pedestrian operation.

Loads of up to 5000kg can be easily manoeuvred in a single user operation plus the cable can be unwound in situ reducing handling further.

Our cable drum trolleys are one of the most unique on the market, as they can push some of the largest cable drums available. Compared to other solutions, such as forklifts, battery-powered tugs are a smaller and cheaper solution to move heavy industrial loads. Electric tugs are also extremely easy-to-use and much safer than manually attempting to move the reels.

Using electric motors has the additional benefit of less smoke and fumes in the factory.

Worldwide Distributor of Electric Tugs

Tractive Power is the worldwide distributors of electric tugs, with a presence across four continents across the globe. This includes representatives in Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland plus our own base in Staffordshire in the UK.

If you would like to know more about any of our battery-powered tugs, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Tractive Power also offers a periodic service which helps improve its maximum uptime.