Keep Your Shelves Stocked with an Electric Tug

During busy shopping periods, the restocking of shelves needs to be done quickly and safely. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using an electric tug from Tractive Power.

This helps you to avoid running into shoppers with roll cages full of stock plus you are preventing your staff from getting back and shoulder injuries. Moving heavy loads is sadly a constant reason for staff injuries.

Having members of staff off work with back or shoulder issues will also limit your team and means they will be less efficient overall.

Utilising an electric tug means you can safely move heavy roll cages which takes the strain off your workers. Our pedestrian tug units also give you greater control of the cages using emergency braking (when required).

With an additional roll cage in tow, removing waste from the shop floor is also made easier.

Common Applications for an Electric Tug

Our range of battery-powered pushers has a number of applications outside of the retail environment. Here is a breakdown of the sectors we work with –

Healthcare and Hospitality – The movement of heavy linen carts to the laundry
Supermarkets and Airports – Moving long trains of empty trolleys
Construction – Building material movement through narrow sites
Food and Beverage – Transporting heavy industrial bowls of ingredients and products
Waste Management – Moving heavy bins to collection points or dumper bins
Manufacturing and Assembly – Transporting heavy equipment such as vehicles, glass, components, industrial equipment or machinery plus finished products through a production line
Warehouse and Factory – Towing trailers, trolleys, carts and bins
Rail – Moving rail bogies or trams

Get in Touch for More Information

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Our tugs have the capability to move up to 50 tonnes of materials using just one person.