Make Safety Your Resolution with Battery Powered Tugs

The best kind of New Year’s Resolution you can take up for your workforce is investing in battery-powered tugs from Tractive Power.

Physical injuries in warehouses and storage facilities are still the most common type, usually involving improper manual lifting and handling. This can lead to musculoskeletal disorders from awkward postures, repetitive motions or overexertion.

A model such as the Tractive TT50 takes the strain away from your workforce, which will significantly lower the number of injuries that happen on your premises and in turn the number of employees taking injury-related sick days.

Push Up to 2000kg with a Tractive Tug!

The Tractive Tug TT50 is part of our mini-range with a robust design that is designed for lighter loads; with the capability to move up to 1000kg.
This makes it extremely popular in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, paper, pharmaceutical and textiles markets.
Alternatively, if you are looking for a tug that can carry a larger load, the Tractive Tug TT100 is designed to move up to 2000kg.
These battery-powered tugs have a smaller footprint than other units without compromising on performance.

Common uses for the Tractive Tug TT100 include:

• Moving Paper Rolls
• Movement of Aerospace parts (including Autoclaves)
• Roll cages and baggage trolleys
• Railed bogies

Join a Worldwide Load Mover Network

Tractive Power is the leading providers of electric tugs all over the world; with a distribution network that extends across four continents.
We have most recently started working with Fornecedora Industrial Inda in Brazil, who specialises in compressed air distribution, assembly line equipment and in the automotive repair market.

Want to Know More About our Electric Tugs? Get in Touch

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To get a better idea of our work, you can also take a read of our case studies, working with high-profile companies such as Arla Foods.