Saving time and money in the paper industry

In the paper industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Tractive Power’s innovative solutions have emerged as a resolution for transformative change. Among its many applications, the TP range has become key in optimising operations within the paper industry. Providing substantial benefits to companies looking to streamline their production processes.


Tractive Power’s TP500. A robust and battery-powered tug that has redefined the movement of corrugated rollers. This application has proven successful. Especially for companies with a regular need for corrugated roller handling.

The movement of corrugated rollers, each weighing more than 7000kg was a labour-intensive process. Typically involving a six-person team. Tractive Power’s TP500 has disrupted this conventional approach. Replacing the need for a sizeable crew. Moved by a single operator who can now safely move the rollers in and out of the production line. The impact is not just a reduction in manpower but a shift in time, and cost savings. While continuing to improve health and safety measures.

Meeting Deadlines

There are many advantages of incorporating Tractive Power’s solutions in the corrugated industry. Efficiency gains are evident right from the outset. The TP500 expedites the removal and reinstallation of heavy rollers. This has significantly reduced downtime between production runs. This swift and streamlined process translates into heightened productivity. Allowing companies to maximise their output and meet tight production schedules.

Tractive Power’s battery-operated tugs are adaptable. Their ease of use contributes to the overall efficiency of operations. Its design ensures a clean and quiet operation, minimising the environmental impact. With the flexibility to move through production spaces without the constraints of cords or cables. This adaptability is helpful in dynamic production environments where quick adjustments are crucial.

Financial Benefits

The financial benefits of implementing Tractive Power’s solutions extend beyond labour cost reductions. The efficiency translates into cost savings through increased productivity and reduced downtime. The investment in an Electric Tug proves to be a strategic and cost-effective move. Yielding long-term returns as it becomes an indispensable asset in day-to-day operations.

Enhancing Safety

The TP range addresses health and safety concerns associated with traditional methods of corrugated roller handling. By reducing the need for a large crew. Enabling a single operator to control the process, the risk of workplace injuries drops significantly.

Tractive Power’s TP range is not just a tug. It is a revolutionary force driving efficiency in the paper industry. This range is invaluable for companies facing the challenges of modern production. Tractive Power has redefined the handling of corrugated rollers.

As the paper industry continues to evolve, Tractive Power stands at the forefront. Offering innovative solutions that exceed the demands for efficiency, productivity, and safety. To learn how Tractive Pushers can integrate into your business, reach out to us via our contact form or call us at +44 (0)1538 360372.