Textile Manufacturing with Battery Powered Tugs

Battery-powered tugs from Tractive Power are vital for manufacturing in the textile industry.

Our range of tugs are used for a variety of tasks by textile manufacturers. For example, moving coating machines, wash down, and maintenance. Fabric coating machines add a coating to fabrics that improve the durability of the materials, look and feel, plus its surface tension.

Here are some important tips to remember when using battery-powered tugs when moving fabric coating machines:

  • Make sure your braking system is checked on a regular basis
  • Ensure all hot parts such as pipes are guarded to prevent accidental burns
  • When in use ensure the machine is properly anchored to the floor
  • Temporary guards and safe systems of work are used where blade sharpening or wire dressing takes place
  • Use safe cleaning methods to remove any dust

Moving A-Frames with a Battery-Powered Tug


Using the TP250 Tractive Pusher you can safely move A-Frame trolleys with rolls of fabric, with a load capacity of up to 3000kg! All of our products here at Tractive Power are regularly serviced to ensure the braking and steering system are of the highest standard. This is especially important when moving A-Frame trolleys with potentially such a high weight load.

Battery Powered Pushers for Different Industries

The range of battery-powered tugs we provide at Tractive Power is used across a wide range of industries (including Textiles) such as aerospace, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, railways and paper. As the leading material handling company in the UK, we use the latest design software to offer the most advanced and compact tractive units on the market. All the Tractive Power range can be operated by one worker, eliminating the need for extra manual support. So if you have load moving issues book your free consultation with our team of specialists by contacting us today.