The Benefits of Electric Tugs for Food Production

In the food production industry, efficiency, safety, and productivity are paramount. Electric tugs have become indispensable tools in food manufacturing. Trusted by professionals to reduce the risk of injury and enhance workplace safety. They are an innovative solution to manual handling in many different areas of the food production industry. 


There are many advantages of electric tugs in food production. These easy-to-use machines integrate into the production environment. Making heavy equipment movement safer and more efficient.


Enhancing Workplace Safety


Electric tugs play a pivotal role in improving workplace safety in food production facilities. Not only user-friendly but also prioritising the well-being of the employees. Here’s how they contribute to a safer work environment:


Injury Prevention: Electric tugs eliminate the need for manual handling of heavy loads. Significantly reducing the risk of injuries such as strains, aches, and musculoskeletal disorders. This reduction in workplace injuries is crucial for the well-being of the staff and helps maintain a productive workforce.


Single-Operator Efficiency: With the ability to move even the heaviest loads. Electric tugs can be used by a single operator meaning improved efficiency for tasks that would otherwise require multiple individuals. This allows staff to focus on more productive activities, optimising workforce efficiency.


TP250 Compact Stainless Steel


One exceptional electric tug in our range is the TP250 Compact Stainless Steel unit. This option is tailored to the food industry. It is the ideal choice for environments where hygiene is paramount.


Stainless Steel Construction:

This electric tug meets the high hygiene standards of the food industry. It is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a sanitary work environment.


Enhanced Manoeuvrability:

The TP250 features a moving tiller handle allowing for easy moving and tighter turning circles. This flexibility is particularly useful in confined spaces common in food production areas.


Versatile Handling:

These battery-powered tugs can adapt to a wide range of handling applications. Including moving wheeled and semi-wheeled loads, stillages, trolleys, roll cages, and more. Their versatility makes them an invaluable asset in various food production settings.


Up to 5000 kg Capacity:

The TP250 is capable of moving loads of up to 5,000 kg. Making it a powerful and reliable solution for handling heavy equipment and materials. This exceptional capacity ensures that it can meet the demands of food production facilities.


Tractive Power’s TP500 Dairy Cage Pusher


The TP500 cage pusher meets the rigorous demands of the dairy industry. This solution has been incorporated by a dairy industry leader, Arla Foods and here are the results:


Maximum Uptime:

The TP500 has ensured Arla Foods experiences minimal downtime in its operations. Resulting in a more efficient and productive workflow.


Streamlined Operations:

The ability to use the equipment remotely with a single operator allowed for flexibility in handling tasks during busy periods.


Meeting Demand:

With the enhanced productivity they were able to meet the increasing demand from customers. Working towards their goal of expanding production capacity by nearly 40%.


Arla Foods now relies on Tractive Power’s electric tugs as their preferred choice. Establishing a trusted and ongoing partnership.


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Electric tugs have become essential for food production. Not only by reducing the risk of injury but also by streamlining operations and enhancing workplace safety.


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