The Many Uses of Electric Tuggers

Our range of electric tuggers has a variety of uses. These battery-powered tugs help to streamline processes and improve manual handling within your business. Plus, they eliminate the manual strain of transporting goods to and from business ship floors and warehouses.


But what businesses could benefit from integrating electric tugs in their day-to-day business?

  • Waste removal. Your factory may deal with heavy materials, such as steel and glass. Disposing of these materials on a large scale can be tricky when done manually. The TP250 Tractive Pusher is designed to push, pull and maneuver wheeled loads, moving up to 5000kg at once.
  • Hospital supplies. Medical facilities require a large number of supplies across different departments 24/7. Having electric tuggers to hand will enable your maintenance team to transport a high volume of medical products across your site with ease. The TP250 Compact stainless steel model is frequently used in pharmaceutical settings with increased manoeuvrability making it easier to transport roll cages, trolleys, and baggage trolleys.
  • Automotive. Pedestrian tugs are used in the automotive industry to move heavy parts to the next build station. The TP250 Vehicle Mover is simple to use, robust, and ergonomically designed, keeping car production running smoothly for manufacturers.


Electric Tuggers Maintenance with Tractive Power

Here at Tractive Power, we offer a service program with all of our products, which will prolong the life of your tugs and maintain the safety of your workforce. When you purchase one of our electric tuggers we will then schedule a regular maintenance program to maximise the model’s uptime. Our team of specialists can spot accidental damage that’s not always visible at first look, so having an inspection will stop this become a bigger issue.


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With a keen commitment to continually improving our range of electric tuggers coupled with years of industry experience, there’s no better place to find manual handling solutions than Tractive Power. If you’d like to know more about our range of pedestrian tugs please contact us today.