The Many Uses of Load Movers

Load movers supplied by Tractive Power are the logistical solution for a wide range of industries.
The TBC30 load mover trolleys from our portfolio can carry up to 30,000kg which makes transporting heavy loads to different areas a straightforward exercise. The battery-operated machine has a steered drive motor plus it’s handled by a single user by a handheld steering controller.

Load movers or burden carriers as they are sometimes called are the most efficient solution for moving heavy equipment to negotiate doorways that cranes can’t get through.

Load Mover for a Variety of Industries

Here are just a selection of the industries where burden carriers have proved an efficient tool for moving high volumes of equipment or goods.
Aerospace – Your average commercial flight will carry between 544 and 853 passengers. Imagine having to move all of those suitcases out of a plane in one go
With load movers, you can clear the baggage area of a plane in no time and your crew can get ready for their flight.
Factories – The TBC30 burden carriers are extremely popular in factories and shop floors and have been used in the past to move extremely heavy die tools for automotive factories that couldn’t otherwise be moved manually.
Construction – Construction sites can be extremely busy environments so any attempt to streamline activities is always welcomed. Using load movers to transport equipment or materials across the site will speed up your processes and ensure your project finishes on time.

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