Three Ways to Determine the Best Load Mover for You

There are three important factors to consider when choosing a load mover from Tractive Power for your requirements.

The number at the end of each of our models represents the ‘Draw-bar pull’ capability of each unit. This translates as a person with good upper body strength can push or pull about 100lbs of ‘Draw-bar pull’ for a short period of time. For example, the TBC30 Burden Carrier has the capability to move 30,000kg, which is the equivalent of roughly 660 people pushing a cart!

Load movers you choose will, in turn, generate the equivalent of two people pushing a cart.

Taking the Burden off Your Workforce

1. The first factor we need to consider is how many people it will take to move your cart. This helps us determine the best burden carrier for you. It does not matter how much it weighs, the wheels it uses or the condition of the floor. A heavier cart on glare ice moves quite easily but will struggle on shag carpet and be difficult to move. If you are looking to transport a cart carrying a heavier load, the TBC burden carrier is the best choice for this application.

2. The second part of our evaluation looks at the best way to connect the burden carrier to the cart to be moved. There is a wide selection of different attachments that connect the two items. It could be something quite straight-forward as a Ball or Pintle Hitch, or a more automated way such as an electric 5th wheel and ‘U’ shaped hook. Providing a picture of your cart often helps us to give the best recommendation for a solution.

3. The final area to discuss is the type of batteries you need for a load mover. Also a special programming requirement for the controller and any other minor details. Once these three steps are complete, our team of specialists can put together a quote plus drawings of units and any of its attachments that are supplied.

Discover the Benefits of a Load Mover

If you have any more questions about Tractive Power’s range of burden carriers, please get in touch now.