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Cage pusher machines are specialists in electric pushers for moving roll cages.

Commonly used to transport goods and deliveries within the food and retail sectors. Dairy cages and roll cages are an essential part of today’s order picking and logistics, in the link from supplier to retailer.

Busy supermarkets and warehouses quickly rack up large numbers of cages, that need moving. This is where a cage pusher comes into its own.


Our battery-powered cage pushers

Tractive Pusher TP500 TET Pusher is an electric pusher with the capability to move a collection of up to 250 nested roll cages. Musculoskeletal injury risks can be managed and minimised by providing equipment that can take the manual strain out of this kind of work. The specialist cage pusher from Tractive Power does exactly this. Plus, our pushers help to make the movement of these types of trolleys more efficient. An essential piece of equipment for the food, retail, warehouse, and logistics environments.

Cage Pusher

Tet pusher moving dairy roll cages

The Advantages of Cage Pushers

There are a number of benefits of using cage pushers:

  • Electric tugs are easy to use plus they are powerful
  • They reduce the amount of manual handling on shop floors
  • Battery-powered tugs are low maintenance
  • Join multiple roll cages together
  • Increase the productivity of your workforce
  • Single user-operated
  • No fumes or loud noises
  • Improve your health and safety record

Choose Tractive Power for Your Cage Pusher

When you buy an electric pusher from Tractive Power you can also benefit from comprehensive support options. We can advise you on the best product for your requirements and we can also train your operatives to use the cage pusher safely. We also offer a servicing plan where we can check and apply maintenance to your cage pusher so that it remains in optimum working condition at all times.


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