Battery powered tugs - electric tuggers

Pedestrian Tug

A pedestrian tug (or electric tug) is a battery powered tractive unit which enables an individual to lift and move heavy loads. Typically used within warehouse and industrial settings tractive pushers are vital pieces of equipment for industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, construction, logistics, transport and food.

Why a Pedestrian Tug is Vital to Your Business

Efficiency is the key to profitability and when delays to a schedule or production line incur financial penalties, a pedestrian tug is an essential machine to keeping production and logistics on time. Companies can save time and money by using a pedestrian tug to move a greater volume of stacked produce or heavy machinery. Some loads are just too big, bulky and heavy to move by hand. There are situations where a large volume of small items would need a lot of manual labour to get from manufacture to storage and distribution. Using a pedestrian tug is the solution to making such logistics run smoothly, efficiently and most important, safely.

Pedestrian Tug

It is vital that when it comes to manual lifting that all employees within the working environment are kept safe. This applies to both the machine operative and any other members of your workforce within the area. A pedestrian tug takes the strain of the lifting and moving, reducing the risk of injury within the workplace.
Do you need lifting power within a small area? Our compact models are designed to deliver the lifting you need with the capability to push, pull and turn with a confined space or restricted area.

Take a look at our range of pedestrian tugs to find the right one for your requirements.

Choose Tractive Power for Your Pedestrian Tug

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