Powered Tug

Powered Tug

A battery powered tug is essential if your company operates within the logistics, transport, aerospace, construction, textile or paper manufacturing industries. You need machines to minimise and eliminate the health and safety risks to employees who are required to move heavy, bulky or multiple loads. Apart from keeping your workforce safe, powered tug units have the capability to make operations run smoothly and efficiently and ultimately add to the profitability of your business. Adding one electric tug and eliminating the need for multiple employees to move a wheeled load will instantly start to pay for itself. With a greater focus and pressure to removing forklift trucks from pedestrian areas also, putting product on wheels and moving them to a forklift location can also help to eliminate dangers in your production and create a safer environment for your workforce.


Types of Powered Tug

Battery powered tugs

Tractive Power’s electric tugs move up to 50000kg on rails

Pedestrian Tug
The pedestrian tug enables an individual operative to move bulk loads within a relatively small area. This battery powered tug combines lifting and shifting power with manoeuvrability. Products or equipment can be moved easily during a production process from point to point or loaded onto and off delivery vehicles or moved within a storage area such as a warehouse. This type of powered tug comes with different power capacities so that you can push, pull and lift differing maximum weights. Railed loads or castor wheel trolleys, the Tractive unit is very versatile.
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Sit on Powered Tug
Sit on Tractive Unit
This type of powered tug is used to transport heavy loads over long distances on your factory floor. Today’s manufacturing and storage can operate on vast sites. If you require the movement of products, equipment and personnel, then a sit on unit is the powered tug you need. Sit on Tractive units can tow trains of trolleys giving you efficient movement over a longer distance. The sit on powered tugs in our range have capacities of 5000kg, 7000kg or 9000kg.
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Choose Tractive Power for Powered Tug Models

We know that when you buy a electric tug it is an important investment in your business and we want you to get exactly the right model for your needs. Our experienced engineers will assess your application and help you to ensure you have the right product for your operation. If you would like to know more about the equipment we supply, please contact us today.