What is an Industrial Tug Used For?

Tractive Power has a range of industrial tugs that offer a number of towing applications. If you have never considered using an industrial tug before, we will give you the required insight in this post about their benefits.

They are utilised for towing parts to the line side, baggage trolley’s, trailers, bins or pretty much anything on wheels. These robust electric tugs are used for longer runs when it is simply not feasible to ask workers to walk with the load.

The Different Types of Industrial Tug

Here is a brief roundup of all the different types of industrial tug –

  • Stand-On Tug
  • Electric Tow Tug
  • Electric Tow Tractor
  • Ride-on Electric Tug

Industrial tugs also have the following unique features –

  • Designed to minimise ergonomic stress
  • The ability to work all day on a single charge
  • On-board battery charger
  • Variety of attachments to adapt to different uses
  • Easy to manoeuvre in tight warehouse spaces
  • Can be customised for unique applications
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduces the risk of operator injury and product damage
  • Industrial tugs are often considered more efficient than any other material handling equipment
  • Can be used in manufacturing, including material movement from operation to operation where forklifts are deemed a serious threat to people and equipment
  • Fits any size operator and promotes a comfortable posture

Worldwide Electric Tug Distributors

Tractive Power is the leading provider of industrial tugs all over the world, with our sales distributor network spread across four continents.

For example, our Australian-based distributor Sitecraft has over 25 years of experience working in manufacturing, logistics, mining, defence plus government organisations.

If you would like a no-obligation quote for any of our electric tugs, please do not hesitate to contact Tractive Power today.

For our UK-based clients, we also offer hands-on training for all of our battery-powered tugs plus we also set up an ongoing service and maintenance program tailored to your needs.