Why are Electric Tugs are Best for Roll Cages?

Pushing heavy loads or multiple heavy loads on wheels can be difficult at times, plus depending on the environment it can be dangerous.

Using electric tugs from Tractive Power allows you to safely minimise and overcome areas of concern. Manually moving loads can lead to a number of Workplace Health and Safety issues such as back injuries, sprains plus muscle fatigue.

Our electric load movers can pull and push single and multiple roll cages throughout your environment.

The Benefits of Roll Cage Tugs

Here are some benefits of using roll cage tugs –

  • Our electric tugs are powerful but simple to use
  • You will reduce the amount of manual handling in working areas
  • The ability to join multiple roll cages together
  • Electric tugs are low maintenance
  • They will increase the productivity of your workforce
  • Improve your health and safety record
  • Single user-operated
  • No fumes or loud noises

Save Money with Load Movers

Even if saving money is not top of your list of priorities, having effective manual handling equipment will have an impact on your overall expenses. As we have already mentioned, only using one member of staff to operate, makes the moving process quicker and will reduce the time spent manual handling items. This allows your workforce more time to work on other tasks.

In medical environments, electric tugs also reduce the risk of expensive, life-saving equipment being damaged when being moved around your facility and it is less likely to be dropped or fall.

Worldwide Providers of Roll Cage Tug

If you are looking for a roll cage tug for your company, look no further than Tractive Power. We currently have sales distributors based across four continents, including Australia, Brazil and Turkey helping us to provide a worldwide service.

Get in touch today if you have any questions about any of our products. Don’t forget we also offer training for battery-powered tugs for customers in the United Kingdom. More information can also be found on our blog.