How to Choose the Best Load Movers

Load movers from Tractive Power are a self-contained, battery-powered, walk-behind power mover that aids production teams in moving heavy parts and equipment in industrial environments.

This tool is used to offset the physical strain felt by an operator that is pushing or pulling loads in a workplace environment.

The number at the end of each of our models designates the ‘draw-bar pull’ capability of each unit.

For our latest post, we will explore the process of choosing a load mover for a number of important tasks.

3 Ways to Decide on Electric Pushers

Here are three ways to determine the best load mover for your application.

  1. The first question we ask our clients is how many people does it take to move your carts at the moment. The weight does not come into the equation or what kind of wheels it has or even, the condition of the floor.
    One example is that a 1000lb cart moves very easily on glare ice but it would not move the same on a shaggy carpet. If it takes three workers to move the cart in a facility, then it will not take more than 300lbs of ‘draw-bar pull’ to get the cart moving.
  2. Next, we will need to determine the best way to connect the load mover to the cart so it can be moved. There are numerous different attachments which can connect the two items together. This could be as simple as a ball or pintle hitch, or more automated using an electric 5th wheel and ‘U’ shaped hook.
  3. Finally, we will discuss the type of batteries needed, any bespoke programming for the controller or any other minor details you require.

Once we have reviewed these three steps with you, we will prepare a formal quote plus drawings of the units and any attachments we can also supply.

The Leading Provider of Load Movers

If you are currently exploring material handling solutions for your industrial warehouse or manufacturing facility, get in touch with Tractive Power today.

We are the leading provider of load movers across the country plus we have a presence across four continents thanks to our Distributors network.