Customize Our Tractive Tugs For Your Needs

With the current climate requiring less people to be involved in tasks, Tractive Tugs have become more and more helpful to businesses across multiple sectors. Here at Tractive Power, we’re dedicated to providing and innovating new manual handling equipment to solve dilemmas across any industry. From aerospace to retail, our off the shelf and bespoke products have already helped a variety of businesses. Could you be next? For specialist machine design, or the development of a bespoke trailer, trolley or stillage, read on to discover how Tractive Power can solve your problems.

Examples of Past Projects

Aerospace Industry- Well known aerospace manufacturers are now investing in robotics to improve their production line’s efficiency. However, as their weight can reach up to 20,000kg, these robots are often awkward to move. That’s where our bespoke Tractive Tugs come in. We’ve now worked with a number of well-known aerospace manufacturers to provide tugs that house the robots. As a result, this has now sped up operations and avoided any expensive backlogs.

Arla Foods – Tractive Power is extremely proud to be the leading provider of electric tuggers for renowned dairy product provider, Arla Foods. The popular dairy company uses our TP500 dairy cage pushers at six of their sites across the UK, helping them to provide approximately two billion litres of milk per year to brands such as Cravendale, Lurpak and Anchor.

Other Bespoke Products – As well as our Tractive Tugs, we also offer customisable products to tackle other manual handling dilemmas. An example of this would be our Aerospace Engine Skates which were the result of a project undertaken by ourselves and UTC. UTC asked us to provide a way to move engines from the factory entrance to the required location in the factory. Thanks to our engine skates, they are now able to do this more safely. The main concern before this project was the use of giant forklift trucks in pedestrian areas. This has now been minimised, making their work much safer. Other examples can be found in our blog, such as our work with a well-known prestige car manufacturer. 

Could A Bespoke Tractive Tug Help You?

If you think that a Tractive Tugger could be useful in your business, browse our product line today. With customisation available to suit your specific business or industry dilemmas, we would love to discuss how we could help you.

Here at Tractive Power, we offer innovative manual handling solutions for a number of sectors across four continents. Our experience and use of the latest design software and control systems allow us to offer you some of the most advanced and compact tractive units on the market. In addition, all of our Tractive Power range can be operated by a single user in a safe and efficient way, eliminating the need for extra manpower. This can be especially helpful during the uncertain times that most businesses are currently finding themselves working within.

Get in Touch

If you have any further questions about our existing product line, please get in touch with a member of our team. However, if you feel that your application needs something more specific, we offer free consultation and advice. If you have a load moving application that needs to be moved safely and efficiently, give Tractive Power a call and challenge us to find a solution.