Why Electric Tow Tugs are a Great Retail Investment

The retail industry has changed a lot over the past decade, with electric tow tugs becoming more important coupled with the rise of e-commerce.

With online shopping only increasing in popularity, retail and distribution companies need to embrace ways to streamline their workforce and get products out to customers in a safe and efficient way.

Here at Tractive Power, we deal with plenty of retail clients across a number of B2B and B2C sectors, ensuring their material handling equipment is of the highest quality. For our latest post, we are going to explore three ways you should consider investing in retail equipment.

Quality and Durable Equipment – While retail trends come and go, having reliable and durable equipment never goes out of fashion. As we have already stated, e-commerce demand continues to grow, with machines and man needing to work harder and smarter. One of the biggest parts of satisfying this demand is using reliable pedestrian tugs.

Investing in quality equipment helps your clients maintain customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce risks and costs of replacing damaged or faulty goods. Our battery-powered pushers are designed with workers in mind, plus they can be designed for a specific purpose.

Efficiency and Ergonomics – Operating costs for a lot of retailers can make or break their business so streamlining operations will help them survive any downturns in demand. We understand a number of factors contribute to improving efficiencies, such as working environments, space, people and products but one factor often overlooked is ergonomics.

Tractive Power is committed to providing our machines to fit the needs and environments of our clients. From initial discussions, we will gage your abilities, working conditions and hours and recommend a machine suitable for this purpose. We are firm believers that ergonomic and efficiency go hand-in-hand. Having tugs designed to lower the strain on the user whilst being able to move heavy loads is our ultimate goal.

Versatile Tugs – Having versatile solutions rather than following a potentially short term operational process will save you money in the long run. Incorporating tailor-made solutions, such as customised electric tugs will help you to keep meeting your business and customers needs.

Electric Tow Tugs from Tractive Power

Tractive Power continues to embrace material handling technology, developing and implementing new practices to help benefit our clients and their requirements.

Contact us today to understand how our electric tow tugs can help your retail business reach new heights of efficiency.