Five Reasons to Use Tractive Power for Electric Pushers

If you’re looking for the solution to a manual handling issue, it’s likely that Tractive Power can help you. However, we understand that selecting a supplier can be a difficult and complicated process. We also understand the level of detail that you will be expected to use when justifying a purchase to your business. To help with this, we want to use this blog to explain why Tractive Power electric pushers are a guaranteed good fit for any company.

Why Should I Choose Tractive Power for Electric Pushers?

  • Bespoke Customisation
  • Highest Quality Product
  • Experienced Supplier
  • Free Consultation and Advice
  • Hands On Training and Regular Servicing

Bespoke Customisation

Here at Tractive Power, we have gained experience collaborating with a wide variety of businesses in a vast array of sectors. Therefore, we understand that each business can come with it’s own specific requirements. As a team that relishes a challenge, we strive to innovate customisations of our current products or even go as far as innovating a brand new product to help our clients.

Examples of this in the past can be seen in our case studies. A recent example would be our innovation of our TP250 compact for a well known prestige car manufacturer. Having been approached by the company to improve their manufacturing unit, we adapted our standard TP250 with features specific to their company. This included special non-marking tyres and a slow speed interlock to ensure that the machine could only travel in low-speed mode when towing. This model is now used on multiple production lines within the facility to tow the special design trolley’s that the cars sit on before having their wheels fitted.

For the food industry, our machines are also available in stainless steel grades as required. More detailed information regarding our bespoke electric pushers can be found in our ‘Customize Our Tractive Tugs For Your Needs’ blog.

High Quality Standards

Here at Tractive Power, we strive to deliver the highest quality electric pushers on the market, combined with a market-leading service. This ethos has helped us to become the leading provider of electric pushers across the world. All of our design and manufacture is completed in house, meaning that when discussing your product with our design team, you’re cutting out any middle men. If you are not sure how to resolve or improve your manual handling dilemma, give our team a call. One of our expert advisors is always on hand to discuss your application and find the most efficient, cost-effective way to sort the problem.

Experienced Supplier

During our years of experience, our team has gained hands on experience working to the standards that we set ourselves and are set by our clients. The variety of industries that our team have been called upon by has prepared them for any challenge you can throw their way. If you have a manual handling problem, there simply isn’t anyone better to call for a consultation.

During this time, our team has also gained experience using the latest design software and control systems. This enables us to offer you some of the most advanced and compact electric pushers on the market.

Free Consultation and Advice

If you’re interested in any of Tractive Power’s electric pushers or bespoke services, we don’t believe in charging for a discussion. As mentioned before, our in-house design team welcome a challenge and love hearing from new and existing clients. Therefore, we offer a free consultation to get to know your problem.

From there, our team will be able to offer advice on which products we think may help to solve it. In circumstances where this isn’t enough, our team will be able to suggest innovative, new products that would be specific to your business’ dilemma.

Hands on Training and Regular Servicing

Although a license is not required for our units, we provide our clients and their staff with full operator training on delivery. This ensures that employees are all competent operators with a good knowledge of how the product works. Our team are always willing to organise refresher training in the case of a new employee joining your company or other circumstances.

In order to sustain the performance of our products, Tractive Power offers service programs for every sale. A service is imperative to all manual handling equipment, and our electric pushers are no different. Regular servicing ensures uninterrupted usage during its life and maintains the safety of the equipment and thereby your staff.

Our scheduled maintenance program ensures that you get the maximum uptime through preventative maintenance. To do this, our national service engineers always travel in a vehicle, fully stocked with parts to always strive for a first time fix. We understand that time is money and build a personalised service plan around our clients to avoid any costs incurred through waiting.

Organise A Free Consultation About Electric Pushers Today

If you have any questions regarding our range of electric pushers, other products or services, please contact us. Our experienced and friendly team would love to hear from you. We also have a distribution network stretching across four continents. By working with Tractive Power, you’re guaranteed a dedicated team full of innovative solutions to your every manual handling issue.