How Electric Tugs are Transforming the Aerospace Industry

Here at Tractive Power, we focus on providing an excellent solution to manual handling and health and safety issues within the workplace. One of the major industries that we’ve been supplying for is the Aerospace Industry. Tractive Power’s electric tugs have been used for a variety of tasks in this sector and in our latest blog, we’ll be exploring what they are.

How Are Electric Tugs Used in the Aerospace Sector?

Since Tractive Power has been supplying the aerospace industry, our tractive tugs have consistently been put to the test. So far, they have been introduced to move trolleys into autoclaves for dorsal fin manufacturing, thrusters for reconditioning and other trolley parts for manufacture. To go into more detail, moving trolleys into autoclaves can be used as an example.

To do this, the electric tug usually tows the trolley with the dorsal fins/wings to the autoclave. The parts are then pushed into the autoclave on a separate roller frame that aligns with the track within the autoclave. In addition to finding ways that our ‘off the shelf’ products can help, we’ve also worked with our buyers to innovate new products that transform how they operate. One example would be our Aerospace Engine Skates.

Aerospace Engine Skates

In 2013, we were approached by UTC and asked whether we could help them find an easier way to transport engines from the factory entrance to the required location within the factory. Our answer was of course yes, as our in-house design team loves a challenge. As a result, our team worked hard to design and manufacture a custom made skate system that UTC can mount the engine trolleys on. The electric tug can then be attached and used to move these extremely heavy engines.

As a result, the mounting of the engines now takes place outside the production area and the Tractive unit tows the engine safely to the work areas. A key word for us is safety and it’s a driving force in every project that we’ve undertaken.

How Do Electric Tugs Improve Health and Safety?

During this project with UTC, one of the driving factors was that they wanted to remove the need for large forklift trucks operating in pedestrian areas. These skates and our electric tugs do just that and also safeguard other employees as well. In fact, their use in a variety of warehouses has never been more useful. Through using an electric tug for a manual handling job, only a single user is required. This means that social distancing guidelines can be maintained, even for the heaviest of loads.

As we’ve briefly mentioned, it also reduces the need for large forklift trucks and other vehicles in areas where it may be a risk to drive them. It also means that employees aren’t subjected to the physical strain that they might have needed to go through to undertake a task.

In addition, we want to make sure that your employees are aware of how to use our equipment safely. As a result, when we deliver your tractive unit we will also provide hands-on training for your staff to ensure all users are fully competent. Service programmes are also offered to ensure the safety of your equipment and workforce.

Collaborate with Tractive Power Today

If what we’ve done for our clients in the aerospace industry interests you and your business, or you are interested to see how our design team could solve your problem, contact us. We offer a free consultation and advice. Our experienced and friendly team would love to hear from you and will be happy to assist in any way that they can.

Years of experience within the market, together with utilising the latest design software and control systems enables us to offer you some of the most advanced, compact tractive units on the market. We’ve also worked with a wide array of clients across a multitude of sectors, meaning that we are prepared for whatever you can throw at us. Challenge us today with your query.