Minimise Risk for Retail Workers using Roll Cages

With the New Year sales well underway, retail and logistics companies are facing the pressure of keeping the shelves stocked and their customers satisfied.
Roll cages are commonly used to transport goods between warehouses and shops plus within a shop from storage to the sales floor.
The Tractive TP500 TET Pusher is a pedestrian operated and battery-powered tug with the capability to push up to 250 nested roll cages at once; speeding up your processes.
The operation can be two users, with one person driving and the other steering at the opposite end. Alternatively, this can be a single user operation that uses remote control. The TP500 Tet Pusher is simple to use, robust and ergonomically designed, making it one of the finest on the market.
Not just limited to the retail and logistics sectors, the TP500 TET Pusher is also regularly used in the dairy industry; including high profile companies such as Arla Foods.

Avoid Accidents with a Roll Cage

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that for companies who use roll cages, up to 33% of accidents are related to roll cages.
Here are some common injuries to staff –
• Pushing and pulling up and down slopes
• Manoeuvring over uneven flooring
• Attempts to correct overbalancing
• Crushing from toppling
• Repetitive loading and unloading
• Trapping of hands and feet
• Lack of training and inadequate supervision
Delivery drivers can also be at risk from roll cages falling off tail lifts plus members of the public could be put in danger because of poor visibility when heavily laden roll cages are being moved through congested areas.
Providing staff training is essential when looking to implement safe working practices, with the HSE recommending that heavier items should be stacked at the bottom of roll cages. This lowers the centre of gravity and also that cages should be moved no faster than walking speed. Particular care should also be taken when your workers are moving loads up and down slopes.

Streamline Your Workplace Processes with Tractive Power

If you want to streamline your warehouse processes and reduce the number of potential accidents on the shop floor, get in touch with Tractive Power to see how our battery-powered tugs can help.