Move Quicker with Pedestrian Tug Units

Pedestrian tug units are the best solution to move more loads in a faster time that will increase the productivity of your workforce. Having such a useful tool on hand for loads that are just too big to be moved by hand, as well as moving large numbers of smaller items.

With less manual lifting your health and safety, no matter your environment will be greatly improved with the use of tug units.

One area where they are considered an essential tool is at airports, where pedestrian tug units have multiple uses, including moving large numbers of luggage trolleys as well as transporting luggage from the airport to and from the planes.

Other sectors where they are frequently used include the automotive, construction, aerospace, logistics, transport and food industries.

All of our range of pedestrian tug units are low maintenance and easy to use.

How Do Pedestrian Tug Units Work?

If you haven’t used a pedestrian tug before, they are simply a battery-powered tractive unit which enables a single operative to lift and manoeuvre heavy loads. Being battery powered our pedestrian tugs don’t release any emissions, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

A perfect mix of experience and keeping up with the latest market innovations and software make Tractive Power the only choice for pedestrian tug units. Part of our service also includes maintenance programs, which will make sure your equipment is efficient and works continuously.

Find out More About Our Range of Battery-Powered Units

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