How Rail Pushers Will Benefit HS2 Project

The HS2 project was given the green light from the UK government earlier this month, meaning the demand for rail pushers is set to be higher than ever.

Tractive Power’s TP500HD Rail Pushers is designed to pull train wheelsets and bogeys with the capability to move up to 50,000 kg.
In our latest blog, we are going to look at the project in more depth and also the numerous benefits of our rail pushers.

HS2 Explained

Phase 1 of HS2 which has been greenlit for a route between London and Birmingham, with more analysis required for an extension towards Manchester and Leeds in the north.
HS2 trains will operate up to 225mph, with reduced journey times such as cutting Manchester to London journey’s from two hours and seven minutes to one hour and seven minutes plus Birmingham to London trips reduced from one hour and 22 minutes to 45 minutes.

The first phase is set to open for use between 2028 and 2031.
High-speed trains will run beyond these new lines on existing tracks up to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

HS2 Ltd. has stated the high-speed trains will carry over 300,000 passengers a day and create extra space for more services on existing routes including the West Coast Main Line.
The current design involves a second Y-shaped phase which launches in two stages; Phase 2a from the West Midlands to Crewe followed by 2b from Crewe to Manchester plus Birmingham to Leeds.

How TP500 HD Rail Movers are Designed

The TP500HD Rail Mover is specifically designed to ensure traction is maintained at all times with the additional weight of the machine keeping the movement of the wheelsets controlled.

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