Rail Pushers Will Benefit Start of HS2 Project

Construction has now begun on the lucrative HS2 project, with rail pushers set to play a big role.

Phase one of the works will create a high-speed rail line between London and the Midlands, with a shift from enabling works, scheme design and preparatory work towards full construction of the railway.

Battery-powered tugs are a vital cog in the construction of many aspects of trains, allowing a single worker to move heavy loads across shop floors.

Applications for Rail Pushers

Tractive Power is the leading provider of rail pushers, which can be used for a variety of applications, which we have listed below –

Carriages – The main part of the train that is used to carry passengers
Wagons – Unpowered vehicles used for transporting of goods
Bogies – A bogie is a chassis or framework that carries a wheelset which is attached to a vehicle
Locomotives – Locomotives provide the motive power of a train
Transformers – Transformers can be fitted in a locomotive to feed power to traction motors plus other auxiliaries
Wheels – Train wheels vary in weight, depending on the size of the model. For example, they can be up to 220kg per alloy.
Sleepers – Rail sleepers are rectangular support used for rails on railroad tracks
HVAC units – HVAC units provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning for train crews and their passengers
Staging – Staging equipment provides safe access for working at heights

The Only Destination for Bogie Pushers

Using years of sector experience and the latest design software, Tractive Power can offer the leading selection of rail pushers on the market.

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There is no formal requirement to undertake training when using battery-powered tugs, but we would always recommend taking our full operator training when your pusher is delivered. This ensures your staff have sufficient knowledge to operate the equipment safely.

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