Rail Pushers Will Drive HS2 Forward

Tractive Power is helping to drive the HS2 project forward, by providing rail pushers. This will enable the safe and efficient movement of heavy loads.

TP500HD for HS2

Our TP500HD rail pushers are designed to pull train wheelsets and bogeys. They have the capability of moving up to 50,000kg.
The contract to build the newer and faster trains, which will connect London with the North-west, is underway. Each of the 60 trains designed for Phase 1 of the project will carry 1000 passengers and have a maximum speed of 220 mph. HS2 trains will serve over 25 stations that will connect around 30 million people, roughly half the population with the aim of providing a world-class rail service that connects the country like never before. By completion in 2037, it will provide transport for 300,00 passengers every day on 768 services.

More than just Rail Pushers

Here at Tractive Power, we don’t just provide rail pushers, we also have a host of cable drum trolleys in stock, which helps you to move a lot of cable at one time, which simply couldn’t be carried by one person. Our equipment will streamline your work processes reducing the number of manual tasks for your staff and ultimately make your team more productive.
Although there is no formal requirement to undertake training when using our equipment, we would always recommend you take our full operator training on the delivery of your items, ensuring your staff has sufficient knowledge to operate safely. We don’t just serve the rail industry either, we regularly deal with diverse clients in automotive, logistics, textiles, construction, paper, and aerospace.

Tractive Power – Only Destination for Rail Tugs

Using years of industry experience and the latest design software means we can offer you the leading range of rail pushers on the market. If you need any further information about any of our products or need some advice, please get in touch today to speak to us.