Safely Using Cable Drum Trolley Rail Pushers

Safety is of paramount importance when using cable drum trolley rail pushers supplied by Tractive Power.
As a safety-conscious provider of rail pushers, we understand that using equipment that carries heavy loads incorrectly could result in serious injury. You will need to nominate competent and physically able members of your team to handle the equipment plus we would recommend they take our full operator training on the delivery of the product.
Using the TP500 HD Rail Pusher from Tractive Power makes moving cable drums, train wheelsets and bogeys a one-person job, with the capability to move to up to 50,000kg at a time!

Storage Tips for Cable Drums

To ensure the cables in your drum perform at their intended optimum level, how you store them is crucial, so here are some tips to remember –

  1. Your cable drums must be stored on a suitable drained hard standing, as damp conditions can lead to cables unfit for purpose
  2. The cables should always remain sealed at all times to prevent the ingress of moisture
  3. The wooden drum battens should remain fixed to the drum to prevent the cable sheath from UV light and excessive temperatures
  4. Store drums upright like a wheel, with wedges to prevent them rolling
  5. If you are storing cables at a lower temperature than recommended for its installation, then extra care is required to prevent damage by bending or impact
  6. Check your cable drums regularly and if the cable has been damaged you must replace the drum
  7. The drum should be rotated by 90 degrees every six months
  8. Your identification label to confirm Construction Project Regulations credentials must remain fixed to the drum. This covers cables used on civil engineering and building works and declares their reaction to fire properties such as:
  • Flame propagation
  • Heat release
  • Flame spread
  • Smoke production
  • Acidity
  • Flaming droplets

When it’s time to begin moving your cable drums, using rail pushers is the most efficient method which also streamlines your overall working practices.

Specialist Providers of Rail Pushers

Tractive Power has a wealth of experience of providing tuggers and rail pushers for the railway industry as well as working with a host of well-known companies such as Arla Foods in the Food sector.
If you’d like to know more about our range of products and how they can benefit your workforce, please get in touch today.