Tractive Tugs Benefiting Aerospace MRO

The maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft, is an essential part of keeping planes in the air and extending their lifespan.

MRO operation turnaround times are significantly increased with the use of our Tractive units, that offer control and precision of high-value loads in aircraft workshop environments.

Aircraft fleets are getting larger and with the need to ensure older models are in top condition, aerospace manufacturers face pressure to get their job done in quicker times whilst adhering to industry safety standards. Tractive Power is an integral part of keeping aircraft maintenance moving with our range of material handling solutions designed for precision and easy manoeuvrability.

Our powerful electric tugs are capable of moving weights up to 50 tonnes, which is one of the reasons we have been supporting aircraft maintenance repair operations for over a decade, helping them to move heavy goods and valuable loads such as stands, staging and aero engines.

Working with Aerospace Manufacturers on Bespoke Solutions

Back in 2013 Tractive Power was asked to undertake a project with UTC, to provide a way to move engines from a factory entrance to a different part of a factory.

The client was looking to remove the need for huge forklift trucks and in turn, safeguard employees. Our team of experts was able to design a skate system to mount frames on and moves them from the entrance to different work areas.

Tractive Power’s electric tugs allow a single user to handle large components, quickly but safely with a full view of surrounding obstacles.

Here are some examples of how we support aircraft MRO –

  • Aerostructures and components
  • Aircraft engine stands and landing systems
  • Staging, stairs and work Access platforms
  • Tooling and support equipment

Electric Tow Tugs from Tractive Power

Electric tow tugs from Tractive Power are used across a wide range of industries, extending as far as food and pharmaceutical up to automotive and construction.
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