Using a Load Mover for Cable Drums

Load movers from Tractive Power are frequently used for moving cable drums, but why are these pushers used in different industries? For our latest blog, we will explore the benefits of using a load mover plus giving you more information about cable drums and how you should store them indoors and outdoors.

What Are Cable Drums Used For?

Cable drums are available in a number of different sizes and weights depending on the materials they are made of. These materials are usually plywood, timber, plastic or metal, depending on the weight and type of cable they are designed to support plus if they are designed to be reusable or returnable. Additionally, the choice of material for the drums could depend on whether the drums and cables are being stored indoors or outdoors.

Drum sizes are usually determined by the flange height or drum diameter, the drum barrel or drum core, the width of the drum, and the inside width.

What is the Best Method to Store Electrical Cable Drums?

Depending on whether the cable itself is designed for indoor or outdoor use will determine the best storage method for cable drums and the electrical cable.

Here are some points to consider regarding storage –

  • Plywood drums are not suitable for outdoor storage unless it is protected from moisture
  • Wooden drums are not suitable for long term storage outdoors, unless, again it is protected from moisture
  • Cable drums need to be stored on firm and well-drained ground
  • The cable needs to be covered from direct sunlight
  • Drums should be stored on their edges and never on the flanges
  • Drums should be secured and prevented from rolling into one another which causes damage because of misalignment
  • Cables need to be protected from mechanical damage
  • Any cable stored outdoors should be sealed to protect from water ingress
  • Protective lagging (or covering) should be used for protection against UV and weathering effects

A Load Mover is Cable Drum Handling Solution

Tractive Power offers a cable drum handling load mover that is ideal for handling reels of cable with one man capable of moving hauls of up to 5000kg. The cable can also be unwound in situ which reduces further handling.

Get in Touch with Any Questions

If you have any questions about Tractive Power’s cable drum trolley, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will be more than happy to answer any questions plus offer on-site training once you have decided on the best load mover for your requirements.