What is an Electric Tug?

An electric tug is a utility vehicle, which enables the operator to move heavy loads through narrow spaces with ease and safely.

It’s very likely that if you’re reading this article, you’re hoping that an electric tug will make moving things in your workplace easier.

That’s where Tractive Power can help!

We specialise in providing both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke battery-powered towing tugs, and pushers. These products provide the solution to problems that cannot be solved safely with manpower.

But to select the right electric tug for your needs, it’s important to fully understand the products we provide.


What is the Purpose of An Electric Tug?

Simply put, an electric tug is a utility vehicle, which is a vehicle designed with a specific use other than transporting passengers. With our manual handling equipment, this purpose is to move heavy loads, goods, and machinery.

Our electric tugs have been designed to move specific weights through narrow spaces smoothly, and safely. However, a tug can be so much more than that. We appreciate the wide variety of uses for an electric tow tug. Check out our blog ‘4 benefits of using electric tow tugs’, and discover how high manoeuvrability, increased productivity, versatility & environmental consideration make an electric tug the perfect option for many businesses.


How Much Can An Electric Tug Handle?

Our electric tugs typically move up to 6000kg, depending on the model. If you require a tug to move smaller loads, such as trolleys or roll cages, a Tractive TUG TT50, capable of moving up to 1000kg could be perfect. But, if you do wish to move much larger wheeled and semi-wheeled loads, a Tractive TUG TT100 would be more suitable. As this battery -powered tug can move up to 6000kg with ease.

As long as the loaded weight is within the towing capacity of the specific tug, it will manoeurve with the greatest of ease. Providing the perfect solution to getting through tight spaces, that an alternative vehicle couldn’t handle.


How Does An Electric Tug Work?

In terms of science, once the couplings on the tug and the load have been connected, the tug uses the weight of the load to apply a downward force on its own drive wheel. This is what delivers the traction needed to move the load. Read more on ‘how do electric tuggers work?’.


Being environmentally conscious

At Tractive Power, we understand the importance of working towards a lower carbon footprint in the workplace. This is another reason why our electric tuggers operate using batteries to power the motor. This way, our electric tugs, and units have a smaller footprint than alternative units that are fuelled differently.

Our team worked tirelessly to engineer a product that works of batteries and therefore is environmentally friendly. But, is also a product that still provides unrivalled performance.


Operating an electric tug

When operating a tug, users simply have to walk along with it. As it relies on the connection of the two coupling to do the hard work. This means our tugs can be operated by 1 person. Braking is also simple, ad requires no effort, ensuring an all-around smooth operation.

It is very important to note that electric tugs rely on the load having wheels or being upon a trolley such as a bogie pusher to manoeuvre it. As long as the load has wheels, our range of tugs will have no problems moving it. In fact, unlike forklifts, electric tuggers offer more versatility being able to work on loads on rails and a variety of other floor types.


Why Choose Tractive Power For Electric Tugs?

At the heart of what we do is our customers. Every single member of the Tractive Power team is passionate about supplying our customers which the right product for their specific needs.

Our high-quality products and the effort we put into each stage of our client’s journey are unrivalled. From the initial phone call with an expert, to provide your employees with high-quality training on-site.

If you require a more bespoke tug, please get in touch. We understand that no two sectors or even businesses are the same, and this requires a unique solution. Our team of designers are happy to work alongside our clients to create a new and innovative solution to their manual handling issue.

A recent example would be our creation of Aerospace Engine Skates to allow UTC to move engines from the factory entrance to their desired destination.


Get In Touch With Our Team

If you have any questions regarding our existing product line, please contact us. A member of our team will be happy to assist you through the purchase process, answering any questions that you may have. If you are interested in something more specific and bespoke, we offer free consultation and advice.

If you have a load-moving application that needs to be moved safely and efficiently, give Tractive Power a call and challenge us to find a solution.

Here at Tractive Power, we offer innovative manual handling solutions for a number of sectors across four continents. Our experience is of the latest design software and control systems allows us to offer you, our clients, some of the most advanced and compact tractive units on the market. In addition, our Tractive Power range can be operated by a single user in an efficient way, eliminating the need for extra manpower.