The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Supply Chain

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has put a strain on manufacturing industries and supply chains across the world.
Now more than ever, having efficient manual handling solutions, such as electric tow tugs, at your disposal is crucial.
As a company with a global presence, Tractive Power understands the difficulties that manufacturers will be facing over the coming weeks.

How Companies are Dealing with Coronavirus

Automotive supply chains across China have been identified as the most vulnerable due to operating to large production schedules.
Companies in the region affected include Jaguar Land Rover and parent company Tata Motors, who have shut down their unit plant in China.
The most certain thing at the moment is that Supply Chain Managers everywhere will need to find short, medium and long-term strategies to assess and tackle the potential impact of COVID-19.
With Easter and Mother’s Day on the horizon, some shipments could potentially arrive late whilst other essential items are being stockpiled by retailers and shoppers alike.

The Cream of the Crop for Electric Tow Tugs

Tractive Power works with some of the largest food manufacturers, including Arla Foods who have employed our TP500 dairy cage pushers at six of their sites over the country.
Arla Foods continue to provide approximately two billion litres of milk every year to brands such as Cravendale, Lurpak and Anchor.
Tractive Power also provides the Tractive Pusher TP250 Stainless Steel pusher, which is popular in both the food and pharmaceutical sectors. This is due to its manoeuvrability plus they are robust and compact allowing it to move in tighter turning circles.

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