A Pedestrian Tug can be an Asset to Your Business

A pedestrian tug (or electric tug) can have a whole range of benefits for your business! Pedestrian tugs from Tractive Power can help individuals lift much heavier loads safely than they would be able to unassisted. It’s because of this, that pedestrian tug units are used within so many different industries.

Here at Tractive Power, we regularly supply pedestrian tugs to a range of industries including the automotive, construction, aerospace, logistics, transport and food industries. As well as this, you’ll usually see at least a small fleet of our tug units in warehouses – they’re so versatile!

Why Would Pedestrian Tug Units be Perfect for Your Business?

We all know that health and safety, and time efficiency are two major things to take into consideration when it comes to running a business smoothly and profitably. Delays along the line can incur fines, and profit loss, so it’s vital to make sure your team is working to schedule. Pedestrian tugs can help with this!

When you invest in pedestrian tugs from Tractive Power, you can be assured that you’ll save time and money, and can even increase your team’s productivity while reducing their risk of injury. Perfect for safely lifting and moving loads that are too big and bulky to be moved by hand, and ideal when moving large numbers of small items, pedestrian tug units are the perfect solution for your business.

Choose Tractive Power for Your Battery Powered Tug Needs

With a range of pedestrian tug units available, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect one for your business. Our largest model lifts up to 12000kg, and we even have mini models available, lifting up to 1000kg!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how pedestrian tugs can benefit your business, why not get in touch with our expert team today? You can also learn more about the range of battery-powered tug units we have available.