Get Ready for #BlackFriday with a Tractive Unit

As Black Friday looms once again, retailers will need to make sure they have one of our tractive units on hand to deal with customers looking for bargains galore.
Tractive Power battery-powered tugs are commonly used in logistics and retail environments for towing trolleys, trailers and dollies.

Efficient Logistics with Tractive Power

Here are four of our most popular models –

Tractive TT50 – With the capability to move up 1000kg, this tractive unit has a smaller footprint than others whilst not compromising on performance.
TP1000 Tractive Pusher – One of our newer models, the TP1000 is ideal for heavy-duty applications, with the ability to push or pull up to 15,000kg.
TP2000 Tractive Pusher – With power steering and improved manoeuvrability, the TP2000 Tractive Pusher is easy to use and can push or pull up to 20,000kg.
TP3000 Tractive Pusher – Another new model for 2019, the TP3000 Tractive Pusher can move up to 30,000kg and is more commonly used to move aero engines, trains and plant equipment on manufacturing lines.

The Benefits of a Tractive Unit

In a busy retail and logistics environment, using electric tuggers leads to increased productivity and an increased risk of accidents. For example, a loaded roll cage can be difficult to manoeuvre, especially over long distances, uneven surfaces and around obstacles. Using a tail lift can also post a danger to staff when loading and unloading goods, so your safest choice is using one of our units.
Our manual handling solutions reduce risk and provide complete control when moving goods in and out of distribution centres, warehouses, shops and retail units.

Achieve Record Sales with Tractive Unit

So if you need a manual handling solution that’s extremely durable and will free up members of your team for other tasks; get in touch with Tractive Power today.
We offer the widest range of battery-powered tractive unit, plus we work all over the world with a distribution network spanning four continents, including South America!