Robust Waste Management with Load Movers

Tractive Power has a rich vein of experience in assisting the facilities and waste management sector using load movers to transport heavy loads.

The benefit of using burden carriers is that they can move many different types and sizes of bins, plus their ability to handle awkward and heavy loads.

This takes the burden (excuse the pun) away from your staff, which will reduce the number of accidents that could occur on-site.

Keep Moving with Burden Carriers

From bins to laundry cages, transporting heavy and awkward loads requires a robust and reliable solution which gives you improved productivity and safety. This is the main reason Tractive Power’s range of burden carriers and electric powered tugs are being used in hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and residential developments all over the world.

A single person operated tug will safely move capacities of up to 30,000kg thanks to our innovative Tractive tug range. Our machines also have the capability to move multiple cages over large distances, including slopes and rough terrains plus less-than-perfect surfaces.

Here are some examples of how we help customers in waste and facility management –

  • Bins
  • Waste containers
  • 1,100-litre bins
  • Laundry cages

The reasons why our load movers are so popular with our clients is that they eliminate the need for forklift trucks and cranes plus they can manoeuvre easily in tight spaces.

Load Movers For Different Industries

While popular in waste and facility management firms, our range of burden carriers are also used in a host of other industries such as aerospace, automotive, railways and logistics sectors.

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Through our network of sales distributors, Tractive Power is also able to offer tractive tugs in four continents across the globe.