Five Industries Made Easier with Pedestrian Tugs

Here at Tractive Power, we strive to provide our clients with the best electric vehicles to solve their manual handling and health and safety issues in the workplace. Some of our most popular products are our range of pedestrian tugs (electric tugs).

In a world where companies are expected to work under social distancing conditions, pedestrian tugs have never been more helpful. Allowing people to move loads that they previously couldn’t without assistance, pedestrian tugs can transform the efficiency and safety standards in your workplace.

What Industries are Pedestrian Tugs Suitable For?

In our years of experience, our team has collaborated with a number of sectors to provide innovative solutions such as our ‘off the shelf’ pedestrian tugs and bespoke products. In our latest blog, we’re going to reflect on five industries that have been made easier with pedestrian tugs.


Tractive Power has supplied a variety of bespoke products and pedestrian tugs to the aerospace industry. Due to the nature of the products that come from aerospace engineering, it’s important that large parts can be easily moved from one area to another. Manually, this could cause health and safety issues galore. However, thanks to the power generated by our electric tugs, tasks such as moving trolleys into autoclaves for dorsal fin manufacturing have been made simple. Turning this multi-personnel operation into a single user operation has dramatically improved efficiency and safety.


Our pedestrian tugs have had a positive influence on a lot of tasks in construction. Tractive Power’s tugs have made moving trolleys with weldments, construction machines on the build line and engine parts for manufacture much easier. With the diversity of tasks involved in construction taken into consideration, our machines are available with a range of connections that can be attached to the required load. With health and safety being such an important part of the construction industry, an electric tug could remove an array of concerns surrounding manual labour.


So far, Tractive Power have supplied a grand total of nine machines to a well-known prestige car manufacturer. Having been approached to collaborate on improving the manufacturing line, Tractive Power took the challenge to create a product perfect for the task. This resulted in the TP250 compact which is now used on multiple production lines within the facility to move the special design trolleys that the cars sit on, prior to the wheels being fitted.

Bespoke features included non-marking tyres and a slow speed interlock. This ensured that the pedestrian tug could only travel in low-speed mode when towing. Giving the manufacturer a personalised way to move over 3000kg in weight has completely transformed the efficiency of their manufacturing process. The TP250 compact is now a standard product that can be viewed in further detail on our website.


The textiles industry is another sector that Tractive Power have supplied. Our electric tugs are used for a wide variety of tasks in the construction manufacturing industry.

Notable responsibilities for our pedestrian tugs include moving textile rolls on A-frame trolleys and moving coating machines for wash down and maintenance.


From moving bread trolleys to taking food processing equipment for wash down , our pedestrian tugs are perfect additions to the food sector.

As mentioned previously, some clients require a product with bespoke features. In the food industry, we understand the importance of providing stainless steel vessels for the food production line. As a result, our machines are available in stainless steel grades as required.

Wondering How Tractive Power Can Help Your Business? Contact Us

If you’re interested in seeing how our range of pedestrian tugs can help your business, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and discuss how our team can engineer the perfect solution to your problem. Whether you operate in a sector we’ve already worked in or you’re in a completely new sector, we can offer a no-obligation quote for any of our pedestrian tugs. If you’re interested in something more bespoke to your organisation, we always relish a challenge.

Tractive Power is the leading provider of pedestrian tugs across the world, with a sales distributor network that spreads across four continents. For our clients in the UK, we also offer hands-on training for all of our pedestrian tugs, and provide an ongoing service and maintenance program tailored to your needs.