Load Movers Make Light Work of Heavy Lifting

Load movers from Tractive Power make light work of heavy lifting. When your business is about making parts and products on a massive scale, there are load weights which simply cannot be moved without machines.
A Tractive Power Load Mover will take the burden out of moving parts and industrial products around your working space.

Electric Tugs Provide Powerful Options

Battery-powered tugs are like the Hercules of the Tractive Power products. They boast some impressive statistics.
A robust flatbed which is constructed out of mild steel has the strength to support a heavy load of 30 tonnes. The set of casters and polyurethane drive wheels enable load movers to be manoeuvred within a turning circle of seven metres. This type of performance is driven by the 48V 6000w motor. A single operative can control this machine from a hand-held device.
Load movers benefit from a series of safety features. Starting with a strong and stable load platform. The emergency or E-stop button provides operatives with the means to halt the burden carrier if a potentially dangerous situation arises. Power can be cut immediately via the battery isolator. The electromagnetic braking system is robust and reliable to cope with slowing and controlling the movement of heavy loads.
The advantage of a load mover is that it can access areas that cranes and forklift trucks cannot. You can move heavy parts and machinery between work stations with ease. This equipment can be steered around the obstacles found within a workshop and assembly floor.

Choose Tractive Power for Your Load Movers

Tractive Power has a complete range of electric powered pushers, tractive units and load movers. You can find the right model for your industry requirements or contact us for more information about our manual handling solutions. If you require a bespoke machine, we can adapt existing models to suit your business.