Improving Health and Safety with Electric Tow Tugs

Here at Tractive Power, we specialise in providing excellent solutions to manual handling and health and safety issues in the workplace. We achieve this through the innovation of electric tow tugs, that can be made bespoke to an industry’s needs. In our latest blog, we’re going to be explaining exactly how our electric tugs ensure that your staff stay safe, no matter what manual handling issue arises.

How Can Electric Tow Tugs Make The Workplace Safer?

Now more than ever, workplaces need ways of maneuvering heavy objects with as few staff involved as possible. With lockdown restrictions being in place and strict social distancing being adhered to, many warehouses may be struggling to operate in a way that they did before. That’s where our electric tow tugs come in. With some models being able to move up to 400,000kg and only requiring a single user, tasks that would have previously needed groups of people or forklifts can now be done by just one member of staff.

In addition to this, another benefit that we often work with companies to achieve is to reduce the need for any large vehicles such as forklifts in pedestrian areas. This reduces any health and safety risks brought with operating a forklift in such environments. Not only that, but unlike forklifts, electric tow tugs are able to work on loads on rails and a variety of other floor types, making them a more versatile option.

Bespoke Electric Tow Tugs To Combat Your Problems

Our years of experience in the tractive unit market and our usage of the latest design software and control systems allows us to offer the most advanced and compact units available. However, if you still can’t find something that’s right for your business, fear not. Our in-house design team have already worked with a variety of businesses across a wide array of sectors to provide units bespoke to their businesses. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Our design team has worked with each of our clients to design leading-edge, bespoke technology that makes moving multiple, heavy loads easier for their specific needs. Examples of this can be found in our ‘customise our tractive tugs for your needs’ guide. However, to name a few examples, our designers worked with aerospace company UTC to produce bespoke engine skates, capable of moving giant engines from the factory entrance to the required location. This eliminated the need for giant forklift trucks in pedestrian areas. Our designers also worked with clients in the food industry, such as Arla to produce stainless steel machines to meet the regulations of the food production line.

Find Out How To Make Your Business Safer Today

If you’re interested in any of our existing products, or would like to discuss something more specific to your business, please contact us. We offer free consultation and advice and relish any new challenge you can throw at us. If you have a load moving application that needs to be moved both safely and efficiently, we would love to hear from you.

To take a closer look at our range, you can find specifications on our website. Alternatively, if you found this blog post useful, you may also be interested in some of our other articles in our news section.

In addition to operating out of the UK, Tractive Power also works with a whole host of sales distributors all over the world. This includes vendors in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey.