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Cage pusher machines are an efficient way to move a large number of roll cages, that are frequently used in the food and retail sectors.


Cage pushers lower the risk of injuries


The Health Safety Executive annual survey revealed that around 6.6 million working days were lost during 2017/18. These days were lost due to musculoskeletal injuries, with 40% of these injuries around the back area of the person.

Heavy lifting and not using the correct lifting methods are just one of the reasons that a business’s workforce can become one of the employees who are off sick because of musculoskeletal injuries. This type of injury is also more likely to occur in a warehouse or a factory setting.

However, cage pushers are just one of the ways that you can minimise the risk of injury on a shop or factory floor.


Benefits of a Tractive TP500 Cage Pusher


One of the leading products we offer at Tractive Power is the Tractive Pusher TP500 TET pusher. But how could this electric tug benefit your business:

  • This pusher can push up to 250 nested roll cages at once
  • Improved the productivity of the workforce
  • This cage pusher only requires two users- one person to drive and one person to steer
  • This pusher can help to improve the health and safety of your workforce
  • Our cage pusher has a towing capacity of 5000kg

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Reliable cage pushers from Tractive Power


Combining years of experience with the very best range of equipment. At Tractive Power we provide cage pushers that will make a difference to your business. We regularly service the aerospace, automotive, construction, food, logistic, paper, railway, and textiles industries, with a range of our material handling equipment.


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